Sunny Slope Farm | Blanton and Evalyn | Corner of FM 604 aprox. Evalyn birthplace

Corner of FM 604 aprox. Evalyn birthplace
This is picture of the house where Evalyn was born.  The house was originally owned by ....... At one point it became the home place for the Perry Barton family.  It is across the road from the McIntosh Home place with 15 children.  At one point, while Mama Mc was pregnant the weather was bad and the McIntosh house did not have a floor, just dirt.  The McIntoshes moved across the road to the Barton house and family.  While we do not know how long they all stayed in one house, it is imagined that it was for over a year or longer.  There are a many pictures of the Sallye McIntosh Clemmer, Anna Mae McIntosh Crawford and Winnie Barton together at Rough Creek school.
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