Sunny Slope Farm | Perry Wilson and Elizabeth Ann Taylor Barton

Our mother, Evalyn Grace Barton Scott was proud of both her mother's family, McIntosh, and her father's family, Barton, and shared many stories of with her children.  This album chronicles lineage of the Barton's from Wigan Lancaster, England to Virginia, the Carolinas, and finally to Texas.  The pictures have been collected from many family members but gathered, collated, and scanned by Max Barton Scott, the 6th generation in the United States.  Our dearest stories were passed directly from Evalyn and the numerous hours she spent getting to know the Barton history by traveling from Callahan County back to Burnett County for reunions and gatherings.  Other research is from the book:  The family of Wilson Barton and Mildah McKinney by Karla Cox Smith, published 1994.
evalyn grace's birth house
EJ, Bertha and Evalyn Grace Barton
Barton women
Elizabeth Ann Taylor Barton on right
Barton girls
aunt Winnie and Lillian
Bertha and Winnie
Barton men
Blondy,morgan,winnie,outa martin
Crowd at the Reunion
Evan enjoying life
Evan,William Bryson (W.B.), Eura, Perry, Alex, Ann, Winnie,Wilson
Family 1
Family 2
fishing 2
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